Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stuff I got rid of today.

1) Donated the chest of drawers from my room to Habitat for Humanity.
2) Dropped off a bag of leotards at my old high school, with a note that they were for the color guard.
3) Donated a grocery bag's worth of various junk-y things to the local thrift shop.
4) Labeled and handed over a full set of cutlery and an old homecoming dress to the consignment shop that sells my nicer stuff.
5) Tossed 2 sets of playing cards and a miniature American flag in the library's stuff-for-the-troops box.

I also completely cleaned out my car - it was full of dresses, shoes, and jackets which are now neatly put away in my super-clean closet. I just have a few random things here and there to conquer/sell/give away before my bedroom is 100% junk free!


  1. Wow! So glad I can upon this blog! "Die Junk Die" Yessssssssssssss!!!

    We are trying to get rid of all the "stuff." Trying. Need all the inspiration we can get!

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Mmmmm, I just get here, and I start with the *blogging suggestions.* Mmmmm... Not wise I know. But... This is about how to get more Comments. Maybe...

    Lots of bloggers hate to have to do Word Verification, in order to leave a Comment. Me included.

    But I know we have to protect our blog Comments from SPAM and general crap-o-la. So, I have Comment Verification Setting on.

    We all read our Comments! Don't we? Sure we do! I just read my Comments BEFORE I OK them to Publish. So no SPAM or general crap-o-la, gets in my blog Comments. Simple!!! :-)

    My blog Comments are safe. And I don't make Readers do the *dreaded* Word Ver., which is disliked. :-)

    Soooooooooo... It makes sense to surmise that you might be missing Comments from some people who stop by here, because of the *dreaded* Word Ver. And if we blog, we do love's-us-lots-of-comments, I think.

    Just saying....