Saturday, July 10, 2010

The porch is clear!

My dad dragged loads of the furniture that was cluttering up the side porch down to our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (sort of like a second-hand Home Depot) today. Not only is the porch almost totally clear, we got store credit for the stuff he took in! The porch looks great - before it looked like the back room of an antique store, stuffed with junky old wooden furniture.

The only downside is that he got rid of a desk mom wanted to keep (even though she has literally no place to put it) and she was really, really. Really. Really mad.

This could really set us back. Without the hoarder's consent, she sees this as an invading force, rather than a friendly set of helping hands. Urgh.

1 comment:

  1. Here's wishing you loads of patience. As if you didn't already know that that's needed, of course, and as if you aren't probably already at the end of your rope with all of this (if you're anything like me).

    I'd guess some backsliding is probably inevitable, but if you go into it knowing that, it might be less awful. Very best of luck. I'm stunned by how much you are getting done, with your mother there!